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Hi there! Welcome to the Steep Exploration and Scouting Group. We are a group dedicated to finding those killer lines and sharing them out into the world. Please read through this document to make sure you get the full SESG experience!

"Let's explore together"

Mission Statement:
To explore the world of Steep and find the best routes to enjoy together as a community.
Mission Statement Explained:
“To explore the world of Steep and find the best routes...” - To venture beyond the limits of the game, and our own. To always be adventuring and discovering new things.

“ enjoy together as a community” - We share our discoveries, to make sure that we all receive the best Steep experience that we can.

Interactions Between Members:
*This applies to any forms of communications. (Direct messages, texts, posts, etc)
-Be nice, and treat everyone with equal respect.
-Swearing is 100% okay, as long as it is not directed towards others in a negative way.
-No member of SESG shall discriminate anybody (inside or outside of SESG) based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religious practices, nationality, political beliefs, interests, or anything that defines them as a person.
-No racial slurs/remarks (Nigger, nigga, cracker, beaner, etc) are permitted.
-Use common sense and just be nice to each other.
-Any use of the work of other people without permission AND credit will not be tolerated, and will result in an instant and severe punishment.
-All posts (new lines and stuff like that) must meet the requirements and guidelines or are subject to an immediate removal.
Guidelines for sharing unofficial drop zones:
-Must have at least 2 of your own lines connected to it.
-Must contain the following information:
    1. Difficulty of the lines associated with it.
    2. Unique name
    3. Coordinates (Found in the upper left)
    4. The names of the lines associated with it.
   5. Any other notes you would like to add (optional)
    Example Drop Zone (Beginner to Expert)
    Coordinates: 2424 S - 6539 E
   Provides Access to: SESG, Is, Awesome

Guidelines for sharing new lines:
*Quick tip, after a completing a new line that you would like to share, go into mountain view, highlight the line you just created, press the button associated with "Action List", and select 'Save Ride'
-Must be in the appropriate category, with the appropriate difficulty.
-Must include the following information:
    1. Unique Name
    2. Start coordinates
    3. Start Altitude
    4. Elevation Change
    5. Distance
    6. End Coordinates
    7. End Altitude
    8. A series of coordinates, that show the route of the line. OR A screenshot of the line in map view (highly recommended), or both.
    9. A brief description of the line. (Information about obstacles, views, difficult spots, etc)

Guidelines for Posting New Points of Interest and Discoveries:
Must contain the following information:
1. Name of Point of Interest
2. Official or Unofficial
3. Coordinates
5. Altitude
6. A description of why this location is interesting or worth checking out.
7. Screenshots of the POI/Discovery (Optional but strongly encouraged)
Thunder's Room [Unofficial]
8287 W 9327 S
This location is interesting cause you are not supposed to know where I sleep and live you stalker!

Group Schedule (All times are PDT):
Saturdays (5:00 PM) - Meeting
Sundays (5:00 PM) - Freeski night

All members are encouraged to frequently recruit new members!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you very soon on the slopes.

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