Pixie Dust

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Pixie Dust

Post by KSI THUND3RB1RD on Sat Dec 17, 2016 3:09 pm

Start Coordinates: 1147 S - 2017 E
Start Elevation: 12,720 E
Elevation Change: -1,920ft
Distance: 4,028ft
End Coordinate: 853 S - 2910 E
End Elevation: 10,802ft
Route: (1147 S - 2017 E), (915 S - 2255 E), (914 S - 2604 E), (853 S - 2910 E)

Description: Pixie Dust is a great run if you want to carve, as it has lots of open space. Near the end there are lot's of partially snow covered rocks to jump ramp off of.


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