The Hourglass

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The Hourglass

Post by KSI THUND3RB1RD on Sun Dec 18, 2016 3:43 pm

Start Coordinates: 4731 N - 3670 W (Col Major)
Start Elevation: 20,165ft
Elevation Change: -8,420ft
Distance: 15,884ft (I know that this also classifies as a long distance run, but it't not much over the limit and this run is almost 100% ice field)
End Coordinates: 2695 N - 5594 W
End Elevation: 11,749ft
Route: (4731 N - 3670 W), (4264 N - 3460 W), (3930 N - 3550 W), (3580 N - 3834 W), (3127 N - 4241 W), (2859 N - 4877 W), (2695 N - 5594 W)

Description: The Hourglass gets its name from the way that its two glaciers are arranged, and are linked by a narrow crevas, resulting in a hourglass shape. This run has many great kickers and the beginning of it offers some nice smooth high speed opportunities.



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