Ravines...and more ravines...

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Ravines...and more ravines...

Post by KSI THUND3RB1RD on Sun Dec 18, 2016 4:44 pm

Start Coordinates: 612 S - 894 W
Start Elevation: 8,090ft
Elevation Change: -2,001ft
Distance: 3,037ft
End Coordinates: 870 S - 1420 W
End Elevation: 6,091ft
Route: (612 S - 894 W), (676 S - 1137 W), (700 S - 1253 W), (778 S - 1311 W), (870 S - 1420 W)

Description: This line takes you on a very narrow strip of power and the occasional ice patch, so do your best to somehow keep your line on this crazy run. Prepare for lots of jagged rocks that will slice you in half to be on either side of you while going at near light speed.



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